You’re brewing what?

By | September 16, 2011


There’s something new and certainly *different* fermenting in Coal Creek Brewery tonight.


Is it beer? No way.
Mead? Nay, sir.
Wine, then? Well, you’re getting closer…


That’s right, friends…


We’re brewing margarita flavored wine Zima!

Disclaimer: This is not real Zima. Zima was a malt beverage produced by Coors but they stopped making it a while ago. I could check Wikipedia for the exact date, but I took the Coors brewery tour a few years ago and so I have firsthand knowledge, which is better than Wikipedia.

Real disclaimer: This product is not Zima. Man, I wish it was.

Disclaimer to the disclaimer: I have never written a disclaimer before.

We’re going to bottle it, rather than just keg it up. Why? So we can just throw the bottles in the freezer.

Oh, that’s right…frozen margaritas, right out of the bottle.  Yum!

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