Window lattice to scarf rack :: a tutorial

By | October 11, 2011

Scarf rack 1

When Bruce bought this house, it came with lattice on every single window (to, ya know, complement the shutters and porch balustrade with heart-shaped cut-outs).  He pulled down most of them years ago, and they resurfaced recently during the Great Shed Cleanout of 2011.  With a  little white spray paint and glue, I repurposed two of them into this great scarf rack.

You can do it too!  Here’s how:


DIY Scarf Display Rack



Window lattice
Spray paint
Hooks (for installation)

Locate some old window lattice.  This lattice was made of plastic, so I’m hoping that means less snagging as I pull the scarves on and off the rack.

Scarf rack 2

Spray paint the lattice a color that matches your décor.  We don’t really have a décor, so I went with white.

Let the paint dry overnight.  Just to be sure, I decided to forget about the project for about 10 days.  The paint was really dry.


Stack the pieces together, overlapping them to create a pleasing geometric shape.


Find some industrial strength glue that you opened a couple years ago.  Muck around with it until you manage to extract some still viscous glue.  Ew, I said “viscous.”

Use said glue to glue the pieces together.  Forget about the project for another several days.


We used these long-stemmed hooks to mount the scarf rack on the wall.  This one went in a little crooked but you can’t tell once all the scarves are on there.  I recommend using some wallboard anchors if you can’t find (or don’t feel like looking for) a stud.

Scarf rack - finished (4)

Ta da!  It’s getting cold around here, so this project is finished just in time for scarf season.

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