End of summer in the garden

By | September 14, 2012


Early summer, we blindly chose some neat looking plants at the nursery and plunked them in the ground in a bed that’s under our second story deck.  And they all survived the summer!


The poor bed is in a bad spot.  It gets blasted for a few hours of high-altitude sun for a few hours each morning before being abruptly plunged into deep shadows.


These little pink ones did pretty well, but I wish I could remember what they are!  Vincas, maybe?  I deadheaded them a couple times, and they’ve been in full bloom all summer.


The catmint did pretty well too, though it didn’t grow as tall as some I’ve seen down the hill.


Bruce was dying to get some coral bells, so we purchased this cute little “Chocolate Ruffle” variety.  We put in the ground, and immediately, half of its leaves withered up and fell off.  Seems to be doing okay now, though.


This lupine was the Boy’s selection.  It flowered once, and then sprouted a teensy second bloom later in the summer.


These bleeding heart ferns were the only thing in this bed before this summer.  I think the little one in the front is an off-shoot of the one in the back, but I’m not sure.


These hostas are in nearly complete shade, but they’ve been doing just fine.


Well, except this one.  The dog slept on this one.


And this poor thing is a mess.  But I think it’s supposed to look like that.

All in all, I’m calling this summer’s adventure in landscaping a success!  Now if I can only get some vegetables to grow next year…

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