Obama cozy

By | September 19, 2012


We all have our own opinions, but I’m a strong supporter of President Obama and his bid for reelection.   And after I heard about his staff’s homebrewing efforts, I knew I wanted to make him a beer cozy, to show my appreciation for all his hard work these past handful of years.

To make the cozy, I first crocheted a red, white, and blue beverage cozy.  Then I cut the logo out of felt and hand-stitched each piece together.  The felt badge is attached to the cozy with flexible glue.


I mailed two cozies to the White House, so the President and Michelle can kick back and enjoy an frosty Ale to the Chief together.  I know it could take ages to get make it through the bad-mail-detection department, but it can’t hurt to send it on its way, right?


I can’t afford to donate much to Obama’s campaign, so I wanted to offer a couple cozies for sale as a fundraiser. There are only a few available, but you can find them over at my Etsy store.

However, if you want your own beverage to proclaim its support for Obama, you can make one yourself!  Just download this PDF tutorial for instructions.

Make Your Own: Obama Cozy

Go Obama!

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