Garden update

By | May 22, 2013

Tulip blooms

Remember my little nibbled-upon tulips?  They bloomed!

A few hyacinths have bloomed as well, but they’re a bit impatient.

Impatient hyacinths

They were so excited to bloom that they forgot to clear ground level.  Maybe they’ll calm down next spring.  No purple blooms yet, like I was hoping, but it’s still early.


And I’m astonished, but the catmint seems to be thriving!

Outside herbs

Bruce mounted one of the old flower boxes on the side of the deck and I moved the herbs outside a couple days ago.  I’ve had to bring them in a couple nights, but they stayed outside last night and seemed to enjoy themselves. They’re my only edibles this season, so I’m really hoping to keep them alive.

High-altitude gardening can be bewildering.  We get plenty of sunshine, but thanks to colder temperatures, our growing season is pretty short.  I’ve never been a gardener, so trying to grow things up here is a bit of an adventure.  Sometimes, things just don’t grow!

Speaking of which, how’s the giant bed of daffodils doing?

Still empty

Sigh.  Still nothing.  C’mon, little flowers, where are you?

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