Today, thank a firefighter

By | June 27, 2013

Living in the mountains, we have to be on high alert for wildfires this time of year. We’ve been lucky so far this year, and today was our closest scare yet.


I was down in Boulder this morning when Bruce called to let me know we had received a reverse 911 call for “Stage 1 evacuation orders.”   Stage 1 is the lowest level – it basically means standby for further information.  There was a house on fire about a mile away, and fire fighters were on the scene.


So I headed home and Bruce stood by.  By the time I got home, the smoke was already calming down – our amazing volunteer fire department, along with support from other local fire fighting organizations, had the fire completely contained.  It destroyed only one structure – the house in which it started – and never spread to any of the surrounding areas.  Thank goodness!!


I wanted to thank the firefighters, so I wrote this thank you note to the fire department.


And what’s the point of a thank you note if it doesn’t come with a plate of brownies?  Winking smile

So, thank you, guys.  You really are the best!

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