Denver County Fair 2013

By | August 12, 2013

This past Saturday, we decided to venture down the hill to check out the Denver County Fair.  It’s relatively new event – this is only their third year – but it was well-organized and adorably representative of Denver’s quirky urban homesteading movement.  We had a great time!

The event is held indoors at the Western Events Complex, and there were 14 different “pavilions” to explore.

August 2013 - Denver County Fair (13)

We arrived at the Fair just in time to catch the Hot Dog Eating Contest in the Kitchen Pavilion.  We ended up standing near the cheering section for a guy named Matt.  Go Matt!  We’re on Team Matt! 

Matt did pretty well – second place with a total of 19 hot dogs in five minutes!  Goodness, that is a lot of hot dogs.  Fortunately for the contestants, this was a bun-less competition – so you could be gluten-free and still compete, I suppose.  Very Denver.

August 2013 - Denver County Fair (1)

We really loved the Geek Pavilion, of course.  I think R2D2 should be at every county fair.

August 2013 - Denver County Fair (66)

The Boy even got to try on a Stormtrooper helmet from a local costume-making group.

There was a booth set up by the guys over at The Concoctory and I got to see a 3D printer in person for the first time.  I loved that there were competition categories for the Geek Pavilion.  It’s not just prize-winning zucchinis and pies at the Denver County Fair – they also handed out ribbons for categories like Best Homemade Robot, Best Use of Recycled Materials, and…

August 2013 - Denver County Fair (63)

Best Peeps Diorama!

August 2013 - Denver County Fair (62)

This one is MINE next year.

There were plenty of animals at the Fair, too.  Chickens, goats, rabbits, ducks…not to mention a couple of black bears and a tiger cub. 

August 2013 - Denver County Fair (24)

You could even take a unicorn ride!

August 2013 - Denver County Fair (17)

We finished up our day with Digger and Mudslinger, a pair of seriously talented hogs.  According to their trainer, they’ll do just about anything for Cheerios.

I’m planning to actually enter the Fair next year – definitely the crochet category, and maybe baked goods or one of the Geek categories.  I think Bruce should enter the homebrew competition, for sure.  And there was a Juvenile division for every category, so maybe the kids will enter, too.  Now we have a whole year to think about it…

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