Thrifted Chacos!

By | August 31, 2013

Sometimes, It feels like my thrifting mojo is gone.  For a the past couple weeks, I’ve had some rotten luck during my regular rounds.


But then these babies entered my life.


Thrift store Chacos!  In my size!  Nearly new!  And with this very important tag:


Chaco manufacturing used to happen here in Colorado, but they’ve since been purchased by a larger company.  And while their current sandals are still top-notch, they’re just a little bit different.  My current pair is nearly 13 years old – I bought them the same month I moved to Colorado.  I wore them down to nearly nothing and had them re-soled by ReChaco last year – with their original sole, a burly Vibram number they call, aptly enough, “Colorado.” It’s only available on resoles and custom orders these days.


Which brings me back to the new-to-me pair – since they’re older, they have the same “Colorado” Vibram sole.  If you’re not a Chaco person, you probably don’t get this at all.  But if you are: I know, right??  I was stoked!

Best part?  They were marked at $5.99.  And…I had a coupon!

Final price: $4.72.  That’s over 95% off retail!

So, that’s more like it.  My luck has returned!

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