Grilling a frozen pizza

By | September 19, 2013

A couple days ago, a neighbor told Bruce that it’s possible to grill a frozen pizza and since then, he’s been dying to give it a try.  He actually made an attempt yesterday, but instead of preheating the grill to 425°, he preheated it to 700° – at which point, it caught fire.  Oops.

Grilling a frozen pizza (1)

So, take two.

Grilling a frozen pizza (2)

Why grill a pizza?  Well, I could say that it’s because our natural gas is still out (no oven) or because the nearest pizza place is 40 minutes away – but really, it’s because Bruce wants to prove it’s possible.

Grilling a frozen pizza (3)

And guess what, folks? It turned out just fine.

Grilling a frozen pizza (4)

The crust was a little charred in a few places, but the pizza was cooked all the way through. Next time, we’ll probably use our pizza stone (that we forgot existed until the pizza was almost done), and I imagine the crust will be even better. 

Grilling a frozen pizza (5)

Just one note: You should probably wait until the cheese cools down before you tilt the pizza to get a photo of its crust.

So, grilling a frozen pizza? Totally possible. We’ll definitely be doing this again…

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