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Window lattice to scarf rack :: a tutorial

Scarf rack on the wall

Scarf rack 1

When Bruce bought this house, it came with lattice on every single window (to, ya know, complement the shutters and porch balustrade with heart-shaped cut-outs).  He pulled down most of them years ago, and they resurfaced recently during the Great Shed Cleanout of 2011.  With a  little white spray paint and glue, I repurposed two of them into this great scarf rack.

You can do it too!  Here’s how:


DIY Scarf Display Rack



Window lattice
Spray paint
Hooks (for installation)

Locate some old window lattice.  This lattice was made of plastic, so I’m hoping that means less snagging as I pull the scarves on and off the rack.

Scarf rack 2

Spray paint the lattice a color that matches your décor.  We don’t really have a décor, so I went with white.

Let the paint dry overnight.  Just to be sure, I decided to forget about the project for about 10 days.  The paint was really dry.


Stack the pieces together, overlapping them to create a pleasing geometric shape.


Find some industrial strength glue that you opened a couple years ago.  Muck around with it until you manage to extract some still viscous glue.  Ew, I said “viscous.”

Use said glue to glue the pieces together.  Forget about the project for another several days.


We used these long-stemmed hooks to mount the scarf rack on the wall.  This one went in a little crooked but you can’t tell once all the scarves are on there.  I recommend using some wallboard anchors if you can’t find (or don’t feel like looking for) a stud.

Scarf rack - finished (4)

Ta da!  It’s getting cold around here, so this project is finished just in time for scarf season.

You’re brewing what?


There’s something new and certainly *different* fermenting in Coal Creek Brewery tonight.


Is it beer? No way.
Mead? Nay, sir.
Wine, then? Well, you’re getting closer…


That’s right, friends…


We’re brewing margarita flavored wine Zima!

Disclaimer: This is not real Zima. Zima was a malt beverage produced by Coors but they stopped making it a while ago. I could check Wikipedia for the exact date, but I took the Coors brewery tour a few years ago and so I have firsthand knowledge, which is better than Wikipedia.

Real disclaimer: This product is not Zima. Man, I wish it was.

Disclaimer to the disclaimer: I have never written a disclaimer before.

We’re going to bottle it, rather than just keg it up. Why? So we can just throw the bottles in the freezer.

Oh, that’s right…frozen margaritas, right out of the bottle.  Yum!

Phobia blanket


Back in 2009, in a yarn-filled flurry of a two-week period, I crocheted this “phobia blanket” as an entry in Threadknits, a knitting and crocheting contest sponsored by Threadless, everyone’s favorite source for snarky and sassy t-shirts.  The object of the contest was simple: choose a Threadless t-shirt design, and knit or crochet a tribute to the design.


I chose “Scare List,” a grid display of phobias.  Perfect!  That’ll go great with granny squares.


I tried to reproduce the design as faithfully…well, as faithfully as I felt like, on a square by square basis.  I crocheted each phobia onto its own square, taking some creative liberties here and there. The little guys on the homophobia square are holding hands. Mickey Mouse is (in my opinion) scarier than the average field mouse. I added my own personal phobia – claustrophobia – to the bottom right corner.



The clown…oh, the clown. He’s got scary curly hair and a puffy pompom on his hat. And don’t even get me started on the bird. Birds are…shudder.

So I’ve got some phobias. Who doesn’t?


But the little pile of poo is just cute. Who could be scared of a pile of poo?

Dog and phobia blanket
I’ve hung onto this blanket for a couple of years, but it’s spent that time in a box, out of view and use.  It’s looking for a new home…are you brave enough??  Head on over to my Etsy page, but only if you’re sure you can handle it.