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Noosa Yoghurt

By | July 25, 2013

I’ve got a thrifting post for you later today, but I had to stop everything to tell you about this yogurt I’m having for breakfast.  Seriously.  I’m about to write a post about yogurt.  It’s that good. Noosa Yoghurt has been around on the Front Range for a couple years now.  I had heard a […]

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Up On the Soapbox: Fighting the Obesity Epidemic

By | June 28, 2013

This morning, I spent my first cup of coffee reading this piece from The Atlantic, in which author David H. Freedman discusses the problems associated with prescribing the “wholesome food solution” as a cure for America’s obesity epidemic. It’s a two-fold problem, really. First, many foods touted as “healthy” may not be as saintly as […]

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Today, thank a firefighter

By | June 27, 2013

Living in the mountains, we have to be on high alert for wildfires this time of year. We’ve been lucky so far this year, and today was our closest scare yet. I was down in Boulder this morning when Bruce called to let me know we had received a reverse 911 call for “Stage 1 […]

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Make Your Own: Chalk Paint

By | June 5, 2013

So, here’s the thing: there is absolutely no chalk in this chalk paint.  But whip up a batch of this cornstarch-based paint, and set your kids loose on the driveway – it will wash right off with the hose.  Chalk paint is easy to make, easy to clean up, inexpensive, and most of all, fun! […]

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Garden update

By | May 22, 2013

Remember my little nibbled-upon tulips?  They bloomed! A few hyacinths have bloomed as well, but they’re a bit impatient. They were so excited to bloom that they forgot to clear ground level.  Maybe they’ll calm down next spring.  No purple blooms yet, like I was hoping, but it’s still early. And I’m astonished, but the […]

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Spiders are everywhere*

By | May 10, 2013

For the last week of so, we’ve been plagued by a invasion of my least favorite kind of spider: spiders-who-lurk-under-things-and-then-dart-menacingly.  Oh lordy, I do not enjoy these creatures.  In the past few days, spiders have darted out from the following places: under my computer mouse, under my laptop, under a magazine, inside a binder, and […]

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Pinterest made me do it: Homemade fruit fly trap

By | April 11, 2013

Update: People, this didn’t work at all.  I didn’t catch one single fruit fly.  Total Pinterest fail.  I’m not giving up, though.  Those fruit flies have GOT to go. ——————– Oh, Pinterest.  You know everything, don’t you?  You suck us in for hours at a time, with eye-candy promises of perfect birthday parties, endless ways […]

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Quick tip: Standard pouring spouts fit beer bottles!

By | March 21, 2013

  This: Plus this: Equals this! I used my Silhouette machine to make a cute vinyl label for mine.  So easy!

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Thrift Store Score: Food Dehydrator

By | March 20, 2013

I’ve wanted a food dehydrator for a long time…and yesterday, I scored this bad boy at Savers!  It’s old, but seems to be in great condition.  It even came with the original manual taped to the top of it. Best of all, it was only $12.99 – plus, I had a coupon for 25% off!  […]

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Tutorial: How to fix frayed faux leather

By | March 1, 2013

The little girl got these boots for her birthday last fall, and since then, she’s worn them nonstop.  I wanted her to have a pair of boots to wear with thick tights and leggings during the winter, so we picked out this cute little pair for her. She’s only seven and she’s growing so fast […]

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