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Roasting winter squash whole

By | January 31, 2014

I love winter squash in all its forms. Butternut squash soup, acorn squash breakfast porridge, spaghetti squash with parmesan, garlic, and pine nuts…yum. But hacking through those tough skins? Intimidating. I’ve got a pretty poor track record with knives. And despite the frequency at which I slice into them, I really do value my fingers. […]

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Good morning, porridge!

By | January 30, 2014

I’ve been flirting with this whole “Paleo” thing recently. I haven’t given up dairy or grains yet, but I love the idea of including vegetables in curious places. So when I stumbled across this recipe for “Faux-tmeal,” from Melissa over at CupcakesOMG, I knew the acorn squash languishing on my kitchen counter wasn’t long for […]

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