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Thrift Store Score: Food Dehydrator

March 2013 - Food dehydrator (1)

I’ve wanted a food dehydrator for a long time…and yesterday, I scored this bad boy at Savers!  It’s old, but seems to be in great condition.  It even came with the original manual taped to the top of it.

March 2013 - Food dehydrator (2)

Best of all, it was only $12.99 – plus, I had a coupon for 25% off!  Now that’s a steal.

I found it just in time for spring, when all those fresh fruits and veggies start popping up all over the place.  I know there are veggie chips, dried fruit, and homemade fruit leather in our future!

There are endless recipes and ideas for food dehydrators – here’s a few I want to try:

“Cheesy” Kale Chips

These kale chips use nutritional yeast for their flavoring – yummy and extra healthy!

Chai Granola

Oh, yum.  I love chai anything, and this sounds like it would delicious with some vanilla yogurt.

Applesauce “Cookies”

Use mason jar rings as dehydrator molds – what a great idea!


What else should I make?

Pink wallet makeover

A certain little girl turned six years old this week, and we decided she was old enough for her very own wallet…even if it’s only to hold her ever-growing collection of credit card-shaped pieces of cardboard that she pulls out of the recycling.

November 2011 - Pink wallet makeover (1)

We picked up this plain Jane pink wallet at Savers.  It has lots of pockets, a change purse, and it even has a calculator inside.

November 2011 - Pink wallet makeover (3)

But, there’s a problem.  It also has a bad case of Stuck-on Price Tag-itis.  Paired with Peeling Vinyl Syndrome, this can be a terminal diagnosis.

November 2011 - Pink wallet makeover (11)

But dressed up with ribbon, sequins, and one old earring, now it’s even better than new.

November 2011 - Pink wallet makeover (13)

Peeling Vinyl Syndrome cured!  And the girl loved it.